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  1. Greetings from Texas,
    Imagine coming back to your hotel room at ComicCon to discover all your no. 1 comics gone and your lovely assistant, Drea, restrained like this. The comics are insured. You should call the police, but you know they are going to untie Drea after they take pictures (which they will not share). Question, how long do you take to call?
    That’s a tough one.

    • I’ll give ya a tougher one, Art…and it’s a video that I have in my bondage vid collection of her. And yes, just because I became a producer doesn’t mean I stopped being a consumer when the material appeals to me. 😛

      You walk into an adult novelty store, only to find the lights dimmed…further investigation finds Drea in the back room, tied up tight in an elbows-together hogtie, smartly but sexily dressed in a tight blouse and skirt combo and heels. She’s blindfolded and can’t see you…what do you do?

      In the video at least, the walker-in (I’m assuming it’s Lew Reubens…can’t quite remember where I bought the vid from) takes a ball gag down from the shelf, gags her, then watches her struggle. All fantasy, but a REALLY nice vid…also one I’m envious of as I’d LOVE to shoot in an adult shop. There’s one I can think of that might bite at the idea, but first I has to have model and money to pay her with…it’s on my bucket list of places to shoot at, right after “abandoned warehouse” and “girl tied to railroad tracks”. 😛

      • Tony, you could probably fake an adult bookstore in a garage with some shelves and your old porno magazines stuffed in there. I know, you’d prefer the real thing – like the time I got to shoot a hot tub bondage sketch because I was helping Vesta shoot a video with A.J. Khan and Shade Paine, and the location had a hot tub handy.

        My Bucket List of bondage locations are aboard a starship set (I really envy James Bertoni having a completely convincing ST: TOS era Enterprise bridge!), and outside in a small town for an Argento-esque bondage suspense thriller about a young lady who keeps getting tied up and played with by a mysterious hooded woman at night….

      • Greetings from Texas,
        I never thought of the Porn Shop, but for the rest I think you’ve copied my bondage bucket list. How did you miss the hangar with the AT-6 for background. If I can talk the guy with the Navion into it that can be my next cover.
        If I win the lottery both our dreams will come true!

        • I would LOVE to do a “Porn Shop Robbery” vid…guy comes in, notices that only two hotties are in the store, brings them to the back, ties them up and leaves them, and then the focus shifts to the two girls trying to free themselves. I’d have the guy character use props from the store (rope and ball gags)…pretty cool!

          Shooting next to a plane or copter in a hangar would be AWESOME…would love to do a shoot on or near to either a Warthog or Apache attack chopper. 🙂

          • Quote,”Shooting next to a plane or copter in a hangar would be AWESOME…would love to do a shoot on or near to either a Warthog ”
            D@mn guys, I would love to see something like that (even though it’s completely unpractical, but it’s two of my “loves” bondage and planes)! 😉
            There’s a retired A-10 Warthog not far from me too see AmericanAirpowerMuseum.com but I’m a loooonnnng way from Tucson

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