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  1. “Adult Entertainment” is a broad category that covers everything from “Spicy Adventure/Humor/Horror” to hardcore, at least as far as I know, Tony.

    So – while all porn is Adult Entertainment, not all Adult Entertainment is porn.

    • See, I totally agree with that. But there are those out there, mostly ‘nillas (my term for “vanillas”, folks who believe the missionary position is the ONLY one you should use and have a very low tolerance for sexual expression) who even go so far as to label bondage as RAPE. I get this a lot of the time at Model Mayhem, and it’s BRUTALLY hard for new bondage photographers to get a portfolio there because of the ‘nillas who run it or the ‘nilla advertisers the owners are trying to please or both. :/

      No sex in the content, not porn, has always been my view.

      • The problem is, Tony, that it’s a typical overreaction to the very real problem of rape, and let’s face it – BDSM makes a handy scapegoat for those who don’t get it, in the same way as homosexuality makes a handy scapegoat for those who aren’t gay or don’t know anybody who is. Or worse – those who do and figure if it turns them on, it must be wrong and punished! (SEE ALSO: Social Conservatives Who Hate Homosexuals But LOVE Gay Sex.)

        Every time some rapist or serial killer ties a victim up, those types go “You see! You SEE! Bondage leads to rape!” Sure it does – in the same way medical marijuana leads to heroin, but Oxy isn’t even addictive because Big Pharma says so.

        Thankfully (and I swear I never thought I’d thank this PoS for anything!), the Fifty Shades Trilogy has opened the world of bondage, discipline and all-around kink up to a broad, eager and most significantly female audience. That it’s crappy BDSM and Christian Gray is an abusive fuckhead taking out his Mommy Issues on his submissives matters less than that it’s got women turning to their husbands or boyfriends and going, “You know? I think I’d like you to tie me up…”

        So – an argument that used to be accepted without public demur, same as “Homosexuals are Pedophiles!” was, is starting to get seriously challenged by the very people those who yell loudest claim to be “protecting” through imposing their rules on the rest of us. That doesn’t mean there aren’t still a lot of bigoted fuckwads out there (Hey, Trump got elected, didn’t he?), but they’re no longer the only voice making noise in the room….

  2. Greetings from Texas,
    Count me in on this. I have tried to explain the difference between ‘nude’ and ‘lewd’. Wasted breath. On my cover we made a point of Candle not being topless and I still have caught flack for her being bound. Not like I didn’t expect it. These folks don’t want facts screwing with their foregone conclusions.
    I know Cali isn’t traveling anymore, but should you get another chance to work with her I would throw my lunch money into the kitty.

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