3 comments on “Not-So-Lazy Sunday…Pantera Noelle

  1. Hate crack of dawn starts, Tony. Had a few of those lately myself – had to get up extra early to make first thing in the morning appointments, so I stayed at my office.

    Good news – I have a job interview next Wednesday! My first in quite a while, for a company that installs computers in businesses. I’m kind of hoping I get the job, as it sounds kind of up my alley….

  2. Late to post – love these Pantera Noelle samples. I liked pic#3 with the close up of Pantera’s tied ankles, like the stappy high heels (don’t think she can easily kick those off). Would like to see some of your models heels tied on (with or without tying her ankles crossed). But that’s just me, great stuff as always

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