6 comments on “Pantera Noelle

  1. Good Luck Tony! I’m sure you’ll do okay (from WallMart to the last job, to your new job, least you’re moving up employment wise)! 🙂 Not easy to do in this COVID19 economy/recession (next Great Depression?). Did Pantera work at your last job and quit – or do I have my ex-TucsonTied models confused?
    Pantera Noelle Video Clips
    Pantera roped and chair tied on screen!

    • Yah, Pantera worked at another branch location of the same employer…and she was not shocked when I told her I quit. I think her exact words were, “I TOLD you (the employer; not naming names) was trash!” 😛

  2. Little bit of a repeat re-re-re-peat there guys (although I wholeheartedly agree with the statement)! 😉

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