2 comments on “Pantera Noelle

  1. Wow, I so seldom see thigh-highs on your blog I thought you didn’t use them ever, Tony!

    Great to see an early shot w/Pantera Noelle – I get the vibe she’s thinking “I don’t know, but I kinda think I might LIKE this…?”

    • I’m not a fan of thigh highs…generally they can create “muffin tops” on each leg with the elastic. I’m more of a stockings and garters fan…which I feel is an era coming to a close, sadly. 🙁 To your second line…I never verified it like I have with other models (Ashley Lane even calls herself a “rope slut” on her Twitter bio…lol), but I get the feeling Pantera liked the bondage…almost as much as hanging out with old farts me and Annis. 🙂

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