3 comments on “Pantera Noelle

  1. Kidnapped joggers are always sexy (and goes hand in glove with your girl next door bondage vibes Tony). Pantera Noelle always looked good. Pity her top wasn’t pulled down (at least in these samples – can’t look up files from when I was member once or twice right now). Wouldn’t mind seeing you “kidnap” other joggers/damsels in distress when you’re able to shoot again. Think you still have JPEGS/Movies already shot from two(?) models that you’re still polishing before you publish?

      • I hear ya Tony – have a snow/sleet/rainstorm incoming tonight then I have to trudge off to work (and they’re up my butt “asking” for overtime – I LIKE my weekends, and my wife needs time too… it is what it is)! 😉

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