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  1. I’m with ya on the MK Tony I do not know how you go from Scorpion/Sub-Zero to Johnny Cage whoever but as you are I am there for the sequels and if for no other reason to see just how low they go, My opinion they could have stopped right here at this one and been done with the movies part of this and just keep the games coming.. I still dabble in those and they do play nicely as for the pretty girl well it’s Sasha one of the prettiest ever . Thank you for the rant and the pretty girl !!! Your friend Todd

  2. Valerie Insinna on Twitter has some interesting thoughts about the latest Mortal Combat movie (which I’m nowhere’s near seeing by the way) Two nearest local theaters by me STILL aren’t open for business (thanks to COVID19) but I’ll probably rent it eventually see https://twitter.com/ValerieInsinna/status/1386830991939997701 for Valerie Insinna’s take on Mortal Combat. Putting it on my list of things to do. Judging from the two or three screen grabs I’ve seen, the special FX are on point at least. I liked some of the past Mortal Combat movies well enough. Too many sequels in Hollywood not enough original material…
    Sasha Fae looks great as always (Sasha did some great work with you Tony)!
    Random Sasha Fae videoclips on Tucson Tied Unlimited Bondage

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