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  1. I haven’t seen twitter yet today but if it has anything to do with missing Sasha or working with her again I can completely understand she has to be one of the most popular models ever tied and vibed by you and very few others and how grateful we are to have seen this work !!!! Thanks Tony

  2. “OCD in your ties”? Um WHAT! Some of us (like Todd Kostecki above) APPRECIATE your attention to detail. And besides is it your fault Sasha Fae is a “rope hog” (no offense intended)! 😉 Keep up the good work!

      • Amen and HALLELUJAH!!!!!! There’s room for both styles and lots of us appreciate different kinds of bondage. Wishing TucsonTIed a long, successful career. Like the last Sasha Fae frogtied sample. Probably have that saved somewhere from when I had a membership,but haven’t seen that particular pic in a while. And for those who don’t know custom work is available at https://tucsontiedblog.com/?page_id=360

  3. Just got to reading your Twitter on this see https://twitter.com/TolstoyTony/status/1155315950188556288 HIGHLY amusing, that at least two responses were along the lines of,”..that’s not O.C.D. I would change the diagonal ropework”(?) or some such on how they would IMPROVE on your ropework. Um, yeah, o-k-a-y we should all be so lucky to have a pretty little submissive to play with. Some readers do, some don’t – I get to play the “villian” occasionally. Not as often as I would like, but whattya gonna do?
    https://youtu.be/wFpwGW697-A _ Martok about marriage DeepSpace9
    https://youtu.be/aCBfgKukEhM _ Sirella Wife of Martok

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