2 comments on “Sasha Fae

  1. Sasha Fae looks lovely in every picture and video and the hasn’t been another woman yet like her there are other beauties but none like her !!!!!

  2. What Todd said (beat me to it)! Sasha’s one of those ladies that I’ve never seen in a bad photo (and she can really take some TIGHT ropework)! Like the snug breast harness showing off her perky rack and you can j-u-s-t make out that Sasha’s arm’s are roped together until her elbows are touching in the first sample (or in some of her other sample JPEG’s on this blog – take your pic)! Gotta leave the house or I’ll be combing the membership side of TucsonTied to download anything I’ve missed/new updates.
    Have a good weekend everybody (Tony’s back to work at his day job – sorry ’bout that Tony)!

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