One comment on “Sasha Fae…

  1. Yeah that silver shirt is HOT! Wouldn’t ind seeing other models in it (not sure if they would look good as Sasha Fae). Love this set (hope I can recover it from my crashed Win7 laptop – time for a new membership I think). Love the tight breast bondage (hopefully Sasha will find herself in your ropes again, now that she has nipple piercings),like how the breast harness pins her arms to her back, elbows tied together (not many models can handle a tight tie like that),ankles tied crossed, tied above and below her knees, and crotchroped too! Great stuff. Only thing that could be added (and it’s not much) is to tie her heels on, so she can’t kick them off and nipple clamps. But as I said Sasha has pierced her nipples now.

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