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  1. Had that happen to me once (l-o-o-o–o-n-g time ago) working for a company called “Mktg” that tele-solicited info for OTHER companies. Not tele-marketing per se’ but similar. I didn’t nibble on the unsolicited job offer (Mktg was within ten-speed distance of where i was living at the time). But I wouldn’t be so quick to slam the door on a job opportunity Tony! At least Google the (potential employer) online and find out more about them. With this economy, COVID19 layoff’s, and a possible recession it’s good to keep your options open. As you pointed out not a lot of models in Tucson, AZ (maybe Stacie Snow could recommend someone? But I tend to doubt that)/
    Sasha Fae samples are excellent! She’s tightly tied and going nowhere anytime soon.
    A plethora of Sasha Fae videos on Clips4Sale some as low as fifty cents!
    More Sasha Fae video’s at
    STILL waiting for my COVID19 relief check (thank goodness I still have a paycheck at least)! 🙂

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