3 comments on “Saturday : Arielle Lane

  1. Ugh, that sucks, Tony! Similar situation here – my wife’s changing health insurance providers, but thanks to various deadline crap we won’t get the new policy before February 1, and of course our current coverage ended January 1!

  2. Hope that worked out for ya Tony. My job eyeglass coverage just recently (2018) got dropped by WallMart (yeah I know) to Lenscrafters. Much as I hate WallMart they were cheaper and you were in and out with your glasses. Lenscrafters cost more, they have to order the glasses (so you have to make a second trip back) but Lenscrafters is better at fixing/adjusting glasses – WallMart sucked at that. Hope you’re on a better set of glasses now

    • “In and out with your glasses…” I’m weird where tgst’s concerned…I’d rather wait. Since your eyes bring in 95% of the info that your senses get (no lie…read tgat from a study; this used to be my field, remember), I’d rather they take their time and do them to specs the first time. But that’s just me. 🙂

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