2 comments on “Saturday : Kendra James

  1. Any idea of who you may be working with at FetCon or are you going just to (-ahem-) “browse around” and don’t have any game plan in mind. Just curious. I know bills and life have gotten in the way of TucsonTied as of late (I know it has for me)!
    Best of luck Tony.

    • Stryder…you don’t want me to play my hand before it’s finished being dealt, do you??? 😛

      In all seriousness, what I mean by that is the schedule is still fluxing to some degree. I will say this…I have a return engagement from last year’s con on tap…and I’m gonna be working with a recent Penthouse cover girl. No lie. 🙂 More details will slip from me on the 1st of August. 🙂

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