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  1. Tony, that’s because MSFT wants you to use Office 365 subscription service!

    You might be able to find a copy with a free year or one-time lifetime subscription on eBay…?

    • Nolan, thank you for writing! 🙂

      I wound up going with another free software, OpenOffice. I remember having it before and found it to be a GREAT alternative to paying Micro$oft’$ ransom for Word. My search turned up fruitless…even old versions of Word are locked behind a paywall…which is their right, I guess. But it’s my right to find something I consider essential for free as well. 🙂

  2. OpenOffice is great! I used to use that back in the day until the devs stopped updating it. LibreOffice is just a fork of OpenOffice.
    No need to pay for antivirus either. Panda Security works just fine.
    When you have a spare desktop or laptop handy, you should play around with Linux. It’s no good for gaming, but for surfing and as a “work machine” it’s an excellent (free) alternative to Windows.

    Anyways, I hope you can start gaming again soon. I hear Resident Evil 7 is “shit your pants” scary!

    • Resident Evil has been like the Star Trek movies…when they’re good, they’re REALLY good…Resident Evil 4 for good and Resident Evil 6 for bad, for example. And don’t try to talk to me about how “wonderful” 5 was…I typically play alone, and Sheva’s AI was dumber than an average barrel cactus and killed my progress so many times, I just gave up in frustration. 🙁

      As for Resi 7, I’ve been watching footage online (YouTube) and it DOES seem really good…as long as you can excuse the painfully obvious homage to “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” when the main character is forced to sit at the dinner table while the “Family” tries to feed him…that was massive cringe for me. 🙁 Aside from that, it looks spectacular, and I can’t wait to put together enough to get a regular rig so I can knock this one down to vid processing and gaming. 🙂

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