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  1. And think you have just started that job I can just imagine what the future hold for you to see LOL !!! Thank for the ever lovely Shannon have a great weekend Tony

  2. OMFG, I Googled “Momo Puppet”…and now I wish I hadn’t. That thing is going to haunt my nightmares, I’m sure of it….

    I’m looking at cute, innocent subbie Shannon – then I see her nipple piercings. AXEL FOLEY said nipple piercings were one of the most painful experiences he’d ever undergone – and he prides himself on being a badass! Now I have this image of her leaving a shoot with her ligature marks showing, a cigarette dangling off her lower lip, riding a Harley….

  3. Thanks to DrDarke for an information post. IE:AXEL FOLEY said nipple piercings were one of the most painful experiences? Why would a dude have his nipples pierced anyway? And young, nubile, blond Shannon is t-o-u-g-h-e-r than Axel? The mind boogles. Quote,”If the human race had to depend on MEN to give birth, human kind would go extinct” or something like that….
    @TolstoyTony Well lucky thing you’re not “white bread” and have some experiences in these areas(I guess)! Are you still working from home?

      • Glad you’re staying safe, glad you’re social distancing, happy to hear you have a BIGGER paycheck (does psychological care come with it)? Still afraid to google “Momo Puppet”. Going to bed – stoked that the NY Islanders just won another hockey game in the playoffs (weird seeing them play to empty seats). G’night all! 🙂 Zzzzzzzzzz

        • “Still afraid to google Momo Puppet.” Chickenshit. 😛

          Momo Puppet Google Search

          You asked if psychological care comes with this gig…IT DOES. 🙂 Even I was surprised…at the beginning, you get a couple sessions with a counselor (so the professionals can get to know you), then as time goes on, it’s just available to you if you need it. No charge…even get PAID time away from the job for the session. 🙂

    • Stryder – I know, right? Models can really surprise you sometimes — and my wife carried a butterfly knife when I first knew her.

      I’m glad to hear you’re working from home, Tony. So does your job involve blocking or responding to content that might be questionable? I’m looking for a work-from-home job, too, because I do NOT want to be stuck in an office with a bunch of people every day!

      • You called it correctly, my friend. Yesterday, I got to see a person in a full-body Unicorn costume do the “WAP” dance…hilarious! 😛 What is the “WAP” dance? I’ll save you all a Google this time…it’s a dance that involves a lot of gyrating and ends with the dancer humping the floor and doing the splits. 😛

  4. WOW! I was being sarcastic about the FREE psychological care (nice perk though)! And “Chickenshit” or not THANKS! TONY 😉 my mind keeps going back to a Chappelle Show skit – Kneehigh Park see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vAjMXH5JQiY (it’s harmless enough, just don’t watch it with any little ones in the room – which shouldn’t be anyway when TucsonTied is on the computer)!
    Chickenshit… wow… and me with no rebuttal. Wanna make a B.S. joke but sleep deprivation is getting in the way…. To be continued. Muh-wa-ha-ha-ha-ha-hah-ha-hah!!!!!!!

    • Lol…hope you took no offense; was only playin’ of course. But did you click on the Momo link I dutifully provided you??? C’mon Stryder, Momo won’t hurt you…she just wants to show you her googly eyes…and stringy hair…and bird’s feet…

      And her tits. No other way to describe it.

      Nightmare fuel…just…nightmare fuel. Brrrrr.

      • Yeah, I know you were just goofing with me Tony – ya DID put the smiley face after the comment! 😉 Still no rebuttal though…. Clicked on “Two Girls, One Cup” once (BAD IDEA), sincerely hope it’s just a can(?) of chocolate and not POO the two (German?) girls take turns smearing on each other and then eating! :O -Shudder-

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