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  1. RE Your Twitter post @TolstoyTony 1:01 PM ยท Dec 15, 2020 Yep, PornHub DEFINITELY seems to be trending down (heard on the news VISA/Mastercard are refusing to do business with PornHub as well). The tide does seem to be turning….

    • And in our favor. UPDATE: PH deleted all their unverified content. MILLIONS of videos, GONE overnight. The thing we producers have been asking to happen for YEARS, and they constantly said it was an impossible task…GONE. They could have done this years ago, but instead wanted to rip off producers, models, and keep making profit from illegal videos of abuse victims, runaways and more. UNBELIEVABLE that it had to be the pulling of MasterCard/Visa support to make the right thing happen. Bastards.

      • Agree with everything you said. It’s unfortunate that LEGITIMATE Adult entertainment producers are seeming to get caught in the backlash too like https://www.bondage-video-clips.com/ (as per your Tweet). Interesting CentaurCelluloid still able to see DVD’s https://www.bondage-video-clips.com/product-category/bondage-dvds/
        Long Island,NY is getting hammered by Winter Storm Gail right now. Long Island is actually getting more snow (about a foot) than upstate N.Y. (usually it’s the reverse). Staying in tonight, layer of ice under the snow, roads are treacherous (will catch @#$%%!!! at my job for taking the day – but screw it)! Can hear hail hitting my window too. Gonna be “fun” digging out the car tomorrow

  2. That’s why you don’t want too much attention — Visa/MC doesn’t care about plagiarism (especially in an easily-despised market like adult entertainment!), and it doesn’t matter that most adult entertainment businesses don’t engage in human trafficking like PornHub, b/c they’re happy to paint everyone CLOSE to that (including consensual kink) with the same brush!

    Stryder — yeah, the first real snow hit us today, too. I don’t think we got it as badly as Long Island did, but it’s enough for everybody on the road to lose a few dozen IQ points behind the wheel….

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