3 comments on “Stacie Snow

  1. I do love that last shot with Sasha and Stacie….

    So, what’s going on IRL, Tony? Did you get your Frankenstein game console working?

    • Oh, yah! Loving it large, too! Just doing work at home and gaming on days off now that the 110° weather kicked in and it’s too damn hot outside…lmao! How about you?

  2. Ugh — trying to finish an assignment I’m late on, dealing with family issues, trying (and failing) to get more work in, fell on my knee a month ago and my entire lower leg is still swollen despite doctor visits and antibiotics — oh, and my ACs are dying and my fridge seemed to be dead earlier this week (I turned it way down and it seems to be working again, for the time being).

    Only good thing is I’m reposting my old Agents of BOUND and Seventies Bound video clips in Rob’s Rope Dreams group, and getting some fairly positive feedback for 15-20 year old clips.

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