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  1. Grrreat ropework Tony! Hopefully next BondCon(?) you can tie some other pretty model like this (maybe in a semi-strappado? – maybe not). Always good to see your work with Stacie Snow.

    • I love strappados – though they’re a real pain (literally!) to hold onto over time.

      BondCon is still up in the air for me – actually, almost everything is up in the air for me, as my personal situation drags on…and on. I bought all this gear so I’d be able to work in a 4K world, and how I’m not sure when or if I’ll be able to – at least not for kink stuff. I am looking at vanilla content creation, which might be the way to go for me at least for now.

      • @DrDarke – I concede the point that strappados are a pain for the rigger (and can’t be done very long by the model for comfort/safety reasons). They still look good though.
        HOPEFULLY you’ll be able to go to BondCon and get back “in the biz”. You could always supplement new material with some of your old stuff couldn’t ya? But failing that “vanilla content” is better than nothing at all. It’s not bondage-related but I have so many projects and things on my wish list its ridiculous (-shrugs-).

      • Weighing in on strappados. I’ve done one or two and yah, pain. I’m actually a tad scared of doing them now; one slip by the model (and in heels with ankles tied, that’s almost a given) and she goes down and her arms go up…not good. I look at these the same way as I do suspensions: I’m not pro enough to do them…props to those that do!

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