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  1. John Wick, and the latest Spiderman movie I want to see (but AFTER I see Avengers:Endgame)! Just watched Avengers: Infinity War over the weekend – I enjoyed it, but it left a lot of questions? Gotta see Captain Marvel and still haven’t seen Black Panther either….. -SIGH!- So much to do, only so much money and time to do it.
    Gotta find my Stacie Snow material from when I had a membership to TucsonTied/StacieShowBound and see if I have the full set of this one. Stacie (as usual) looks fantastic. Did she ever take a bad photo?? 😛

    • If she did, it was the photographer’s fault…lol.

      Captain Marvel was great…just don’t understand why there was such a fuss about Bree. Under-informed on this one. Sidenote… Bree’s speaking voice reminds me SO much of Sasha Fae’s.

  2. Tolstoy quote,”If she did (take a bad photo), it was the photographer’s fault…lol. ” Graceous as always Tony! So Captain Marvel sounds like Sasha Fae (or vice-versa)? Very veda in-ter-resting!!!! 😉

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