One comment on “Stacie Snow

  1. Yeah, I love me some Taco Bell too Tony! I could just binge on the stuff. Used to have a menu in my car – even though I hate the drive thru. Rather walk in, order bunch of stuff off the menu, and whatever else catches my eye (Burrito Supreme, Quesidilla, Rattlesnake Fries – sooo good)!! Just gotta be careful how much I scarf down in one sitting. Otherwise “take a run for the border” takes on a whole new meaning! 😉
    Stacie looks pretty spicy herself. Good balltie, legs tied above and below her knees, wrists tied tightly together – almost tied to her ankles but it doesn’t look like she can reach any of the knots. Cleavegag could’ve used a big knot, or some mouth packing though… (minor quibble)

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