5 comments on “Stacie Snow

  1. I have to say, I love this photospread of Stacie Snow — the crotchrope cutting through her bare labia with pantyhose on either side looks both uncomfortable and arousing. And Stacie was always a beautiful and sensual DiD…

    • PornHub’s endgame is simple, really…they feel they’ve been wronged (God, the motherfucking IRONY in that) and they want to be compensated. Incredible. (facepalm)

    • You know, Stryder — don’t steal from Corporate Porn Sites, they hate the competition!

      Also, I suspect this lawsuit is a way to indemnify themselves against charges of copyright infringement, by making a Very Public Spectacle of going after copyright infringers. They can always say, “It’s not us stealing your shit — WE’RE the victims here!”

      As Tony Said — Oh, the Irony…

      PS: I got suspended from Twitter for telling some political asshole I’d like to see him and [a candidate I despise!] go off a cliff in a flaming car…. Apparently, that over-the-top image was considered some kind of “threat”, and not a reference to Gordon Gekko in WALL STREET.

  2. It is ironic to be sure. PornHub will be lucky if all the judge does is throw the case out. This could (should?) backfire on them big time.

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