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  1. I like it when I get to come in and see Stacie Snow tied or not shes really hot !!!! But then every once in a while you hit on a subject like COVID-19 and this subject should be scaring the shit out of people it’s much worse here than the #OrangeClown and his #Minions are pretending it to be and could become a very huge problem so as far as FetCon goes even though it’s several months away prepare to go because of the money you save by planning your trip early but this time make sure you get a refundable ticket just in case !!!!! Stay well Tony and if your job asks I know your willing to work from home it is what they are counting on as a way to try to control this virus !!!!! Have a great weekend my friend

  2. Maybe I’m whistling past the graveyard, Tony, but the biggest reason the Coronavirus is having such an effect is that it’s new, and nobody was prepared for it. One reason scientists are working so hard on this is the feeling that if they find an antivirus NOW, they can stop it in ways they can’t stop the annual flu, which has had millennia to breed and mutate.

    Most of the fatalities are older people with compromised immune systems, who didn’t realize they’ve caught something for the up to two week period before symptoms start to show, and it was misdiagnosed at first by all medical people. Now that most of the Civilized World has Coronavirus testing readily available, they can test for it the first time somebody complains about feeling “under the weather”, or if they’ve just come back from someplace where it’s more prevalent (well, originally — now it’s “prevalent” pretty much everywhere!). Look at how Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson are being handled in Australia, where they were diagnosed — especially given how Hanks is on Social Media letting people know their experiences, as a way to shed some light to an issue generating more heat than light.

    Of course here in the US, it would really truly help if Coronavirus testing was readily available — as it is in countries with Public Health Care, like the rest of the Civilized World! Absent that, the companies making the Coronavirus tests should make them available for free or very little money to everybody from Doctor’s Offices to Pharmacies, like Flu Shots are here in the US. If they won’t do it willingly as a Good Citizenship gesture, they should be ordered to without profit by law, as a public health emergency.

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