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  1. The good news there is that the Secret Service has gotten REAL good at securing any place a sniper can reasonably shoot from, especially a place they have as much control over as where the Inauguration’s being held. They also have their own snipers, and I suspect drones, keeping an eye out in case they missed something. You would need to be that Canadian Special Forces guy who hit a ISIS Militant from over two miles away (https://www.bbc.com/news/newsbeat-40381047) to stand a chance of actually hitting anyone.

    ::BTW, if you suddenly don’t hear from me, it’s because the NSA took one look at my Google Searches for today and took me into custody….::

    I don’t remember seeing this Stacie set — lovely! 🙂

  2. Oh LAWD! Where to start? Stacie Snow looks lovely (as always), good snug frogtie, like the arm boxtie too, like how the pantyhose leaves a little to the imagination (not a lot – you can see Stacie’s tat’s but a little). Excellent rope/photowork (glad I have this backed up somewhere)! 🙂
    Random assortment of Stacie Snow videos
    Stacie Snow: Being Taken MP4 videos
    To be continued….

  3. Okay now that I did what I could to build Tony’s business. Now POLITICS!!!!!! 🙁
    Looks like the Secret Service, Military, Washington DC police are taking things seriously this time. Don’t like seeing DC look like Beruit, Syria, or Iraq but considering the alternatives….
    I’m NOT happy about the series of pardon’s Trump is (and has been) issuing – INCLUDING HIMSELF???!!! Hopefully Trumps self-pardon at least will be thrown out.
    Ditto Impeaching Trump this late in the game (although apparently impeachment proceedings can continue when Trump is out of office)! Not looking forward to the daily play by play of that by all the news channels
    As per Tony’s point vs The Guy in the Viking Helmet (um, WHICH one of the Village People is that again???) QAnon Shaman/aka Jake Angeli arguing that Trump “invited him” is a smart move on the ambulance chaser/lawyer’s part (expect to see THAT recycled again and again). Quote Trump,”…I’ll march with you….I’ll be right beside you…” (except Secret Service said NO)!
    Viking Guy is in prison awaiting sentencing and ON A HUNGER STRIKE – AS THE PRISON DOESN’T SERVE ORGANIC FOOD HE LIKES! Be still my bleeding heart!
    DrDarke brings up some good points (and I agree with him – I think security is ready this time, including aerial drones). I could go on, but bandwidth isn’t free and I don’t want to out talk “Tolsoy”! 😉
    Two days, 57 hours and change ’til Trump leaves office as I type this courtesy of…..

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