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  1. Hope I’m not “hijacking” this TucsonTiedBlog post (Stacie Snow looks LOVELY in these samples)! *WARNING!* Wall of text to follow! *WARNING!*
    Stacie Snow – Begging For Release VId
    Stacie Crotchroped in Her Little Black Dress VId
    Even MORE Stacie Snow Unlimited Bondage videos available for download! 😉
    *RE:Snyder cut – yep internet/Twitter/et all has been all abuzz about the Justice League remix (I’m more of a Marvel fan, I thought the originally released version of Justice League s-u-c-k-e-d)!! And I already PM’ed you on Joss Whedon not being as progressive as his fans THOUGHT him to be….See
    Hopefully this Snyder cut version of the Justice League movie will be better (it would almost HAVE to be in my opinion). I’m not gonna buy it, don’t think I’ll rent it either unless I happen to spot it at a Redbox or my local public library….

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