6 comments on “Stacie Snow…Shoot 4

  1. I love your site!! I also love the over the hair cleave gags. Why do other sites have the cleave gags under the hair? Just my opinion, the over the hair looks better & more raelistic; especially if it’s a robber or hostage storyline.

  2. Thank you, thank you!!

    Everybody’s got their faves, mustang…it’s out job as site producers to try to cover tham all! Some folks like bare legged bondage…some like pantyhose. Some like ball gags, some like tape. It’s all good! Like many things in life, there is no wrong in the way things are done in a shoot…only preferrences. Hopefully, I’m hitting them all, and hitting them all fairly. 😉

    • How could anyone go wrong tieing & gagging a damsel? I just love to see a damsel tied & over the hair cleave gagged; especially wearing pantyhose. This site is AWSOME!! Man , you hit it on the head. I totally agree & understand what you said. I was just wondering about that. Thank you so much for what you guys do. I know that it’s gotta be a very long process in a shoot. A lil more than tieing & gagging a sexy damsel.

      • I don’t mean to make this into a plug, but have you seen the “Behind the Scenes” videos? If you were ever curious about what goes into the tying of a willing damsel, you should check those out!


        To get a really good roping for the camera, it usually takes me about 45 minutes…tho lately with the amount of repetition I’ve done of late, I’ve got that down to about 40 minutes now…bless the models that’re patient enough to sit still for that! 😉

  3. Just based on the sample pictures, I’m really looking forward to the whole photoshoot. Stacy looks great in that bikini and she’s a model who can make eyeglasses look hot.

    Looking at these pictures made me think of something. Just how do you manage to keep it professional during a shoot? If I had a lady who looked that good and dressed as she is and was trying to tie her up, I think I’d be so turned on I’d be tripping over my own feet. My hands would probably be shaking so bad, I’d never be able to tie a knot. How do keep your mind on your work and off the fact that you have a lovely, incompletely dressed and tightly tied lady right in front of you?

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