8 comments on “Sunday : Nikki Darling

  1. Hey Tony! (Gotta make this quick, I’m on my girls laptop)
    Great samples (as always)! 🙂
    Not sure (other than the graphics card) why you can’t play games on your Windows 7 desktop. You should be able to. Have you tried GOG.com? They’re a great source of “classic” games and they usually promise such and such game will run on O/S’s up to Windows 7. Windows 10 – no guarantees I noticed…. Gog has some games fairly inexpensive if you shop the “specials”

    • STRYDER!!! Good to see you back in the comments section…I take it things have settled down a touch?

      Yah, I can do some limited gaming, but my ultimate goal is to be able to play Fallout 4 on this rig, and that’s a graphics card or so away. 🙂

      • Tony, wouldn’t you need a much bigger power supply than a cheapo Win 7 rig gives you then? Last I checked, most low-end systems comes with a 325 watt power supply, which is enough to power a system with integrated graphics or a low-power card (like the GeForce GT 730 I stuck in here when I upgraded to Window 10, which only needs 25 watts of power).

  2. Greetings from Texas,
    I’m glad you worked out your glasses and computer problems, even if short term.
    Thanks for putting up this set with Nikki. She is one of my (many) favorites, and this set is one of the best you’ve ever done.

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