2 comments on “Sunday’s Girl…Chrissy Marie

  1. Oh yeah, I can imagine her dance card filled up pretty quickly!

    On a related note: a while back you teased that you were all set to shoot a new model you hadn’t worked with before. That still happening? If so, any clues?

    btw glad to hear you’re swinging for the fences again…

    • Thanks! 🙂 Feels good too.

      I’m not sure how fair it is to tease about her; she’s a relative newcomer to the bondage biz. But the interesting thing is, she’ll be bringing copies of her cover debut to the Con for people to purchase and sign, and I’ll prolly buy one as it’s not every day a bondage guy works with a Penthouse Pet…

      Yah, I said that…”Penthouse Pet”. 😀

      Ironic that you mention this is the same breath as a Chrissy post as she’s been hanging with Chrissy a lot…I’ll leave it at that. 🙂

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