2 comments on “Today? Dez

  1. Do you have to work tomorrow on Super Bowl Sunday too Tony? Sorry if you do. Don’t really care myself. Although I WOULD like to see the Patriots get beat, or failing that see Tom Brady get sacked a couple of times (he get’s on my nerves).
    Dez looks fantastic. Love the breast harness,the box tie on her arms (even if you can’t see her from behind in these samples) and the duct tape gag. Well done!
    Glad you have Wednesday Harrington as a tied and gagged referee on the main TucsonTied site as well.

    • Yah, I’m working Sunday; always do, it’s a regular day on my schedule, just like you all do Fridays…which I DON’T work, along with Thursdays. I like it as a trade-off…lots of things closed on Saturday/Sunday, and with Thursday/Friday off, I don’t have to worry about that. 🙂

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