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  1. “Mandatory overtime”??? How is it mandatory if it’s “over” your “time” (so to speak). Hope you get time and a half for that at least so you can pay some bills anyway! Great Janessa samples (you did some really good work with Janessa)! Crosses fingers Please tell me she’s not retired… please tell me she’ snot retired….
    Posing this fro y girlfriends Mac using Firefox private browsing mode. Gotta get my Windows 7 primary laptop fixed/replaced. I’ll probably re-subscribe to TucsonTied as I think my Pictures file was deleted. Took out XXX JPEG;s, personal photos (which thankfully are backed up on their SDHC cards) a ton of aircraft pics, etc… Hopefully I get this straightened out soon and 2019 will treat me(us) well. Best wishes

  2. Yah, it IS time-and-a-half…one of many reasons why I don’t groan too much about it…much. 🙂 I get it…answering phones for one of the largest corporations in the world…there’s a LOT of calls, so they need extra hours to manage said workload. Just wish the callers had as much regard for me as I did them. :/ Subs into humiliation should try call center work…it can be brutal to the sense of self. 🙁

    And yah…Janessa IS retired. 🙁

  3. RE:”Just wish the callers had as much regard for me as I did them :/ Subs into humiliation should try call center work” Just keep in the back of your mind that the customer is pissed off mostly at management/sales and not you!!!!! I know it sucks someday’s (we all have bills to pay). Used to do phone survery’s for a company called Mktg Inc. so Ive been there (think we all can relate). Speaking of bills sometime in 2019 I’ve GOTTA resubscribe to TucsonTied as everything in my Win7 laptop photo file was deleted somehow. EVERY SINGLE PHOTO naughty, nice, downloaded from the ‘net and uploaded from my digtial camera all wiped out. I’m not happy. 🙁
    Personal photos I took on myself are backed up on their respective SDHC memory cards (and Flickr but the 1TB of free storage is expiring this month so that’s going away). SIGH! C’est la vie I guess. Stilli using using my finance’s Macintosh laptop. How do you pay top dollar for a Mac and get a chicklet keyboard is beyond me. Watching Avengers: Age of Ultron for the zillionith time on the USA network/basic cable (gotta add this and Captain America: Winter Soldier to my DVD collection sometime). “Wanda Maximoff”/Elizabeth Olsen would look good in your ropes (no chance of that – but fun to think about) and Star Nine does bear more that a passing resemblance see tucsontiedblog.com/?p=11033

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