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  1. Congrats on the prized vanilla work Tony and as for the 55 incher find a spot ur games and movies of which I know you love so will look so much bigger and better my friend and let me say this layout of Stacie is really HOTT I don’t think I have seen this one but it is a beautiful set

  2. I have a 4k UHD HDR smart tv thats no better than the Plasma screen TV that I bought 10 years ago and as for smart it is only as smart as the apps it has available and the store you can get apps from unfortunately mine has the yahoo store which none of them apps are any good at all

    • Todd – that surprises me, as my 4K set with HDR even upconverts to make regular HD content look so much better. It does what it can with SD content, but some things are beyond fixing, I guess….

      One reason I recommended the TCL set with built-in Roku? Is because Roku keeps updating its apps and keeps them fresh & current – you’re right about sets with Manufacturer-licensed apps, though….

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