2 comments on “Today’s Catch? Cali Logan

  1. Recall the title “Kentucky Fried Movie” don’t think I’ve ever watched it (it was in the age of VHS if my memory serves). Wouldn’t fry Cali Logan of course, I’d drizzle edible oil on her (didn’t she retire? -SIGH)! No disrespect intended….

  2. I own KENTUCKY FRIED MOVIE on DVD – the first film written by ZAZ, who later went on to write AIRPLANE!, TOP SECRET, RUTHLESS PEOPLE, and ::sigh:: SCARY MOVIE 3. At the time, it was impressive among “Television Spoof” movies because, rather than using comedians to play the characters they were mocking, they would often slip in name actors/personalities to make it look a bit more realistic – like Bill Bixby (between his short-lived show THE MAGICIAN, and his later-life hit show THE INCREDIBLE HULK), George Lazenby, Donald Sutherland, Henry Gibson, Bong Soo Han…

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