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  1. Not to take away from the lovely Drea Morgan hogtie samples (you did some great work with that lady) but can’t resist replying to quote,”GH…PLEASE let “Vault 76” not be just multiplayer online survival and have a single-player mode…don’t fail me, Bethesda!”
    I hear ya. MAN I hear ya (and aside from I haven’t purchased any games/software in a long w-h-i-l-e). Developers either Most games are for the Playstation/XBox crowd now a days anyway. PC Gaming to my mind used to be the way to go since the 80’s (no longer). Developers seem to dwell on multi-player and less and less on a decent single player campaign (I’d rather have them do the reverse). And is it too much to ask for both??!!!! Maybe not right out of the gate, build a decent single player campaign and add in multiplayer later. Have Falcon 4.0 AND it s sequel/remake Falcon 4.0: Allied Force, Half Life (still in it’s box, want to download the Half Life Blue Shift add on), a crapload of stuff on and Steam too. Have a half dozen PC games that I kicked some money/love anywhere’s from a year to a year and a half ago on Kickstarter. In various stages of development. Just packed up forty something boxed PC games (‘aughta take some photos and document some of the crazyness – if only for my own use)! Don’t want to waste too much of your bandwidth here Tony – I could vent my spleen for pages and pages…
    Trying to consolidate my stuff AND my girlfriends stuff and whoo boy this is one messy process! Already close to filling the storage unit, AND got chastised by my landlord for having too many boxes in my apartment (whoops)! Moving sucks. Only been in my apartment a little over a year and a half and still haven’t recovered from that.
    Should’ve PM’d this to ya Tony (-sorry-). Gonna go back to offline after today. Drop in when I can (losing high-speed internet a year and a half ago, really REALLY SUCKS)!

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