2 comments on “Today’s Girl? Arielle Lane

  1. Arielle Lane has done some great “solo” work with ya Tony so I imagine a Arielle Lane & Ashley Lane JPEG/MPEG photo shoots would be fantastic! Glad you have a bunch of Arielle Lane vid clips available at https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/30889/tucsontied/Cat0-AllCategories/Page1/SortBy-bestmatch/Limit10/search/Arielle%20Lane “Sneaking a peek” on my fiance’s laptop (Macintosh no less – BLEECH)!! Just dropped off my Windows7 Samsung laptop off for repair. Hopefully it woun’t take too much to fix it up. Can’t really afford a new computer right now, and I’m not so crazy about switching to Windows 10 – rather keep WIndows 7. There’s a CRITICAL Windows 7 update coming up this month too see https://www.wcpo.com/money/consumer/dont-waste-your-money/still-on-windows-7-you-must-do-this-critical-update soooooo much stuff to do!!!! What’s the old Chinese curse?? “May you live in interesting times”???

  2. Stryder, Windows 10 is actually quite good – you might want to give it a try?

    I love the last two days’ pics – a Fully-Clothed Samantha Hayes bound&gagged wearing black pantyhose; and Arielle Lane in nothing but Black Pantyhose, heels, black elbow-length gloves and a black collar – er, “Choker”. They’re both attractive and very into DiD bondage….

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