One comment on “Today’s Girl? Ashley Sinclair

  1. :: I still have to chuckle at how much better the movie people did “Civil War” than how Marvel’s comics did…lol.::

    YES! This, a thousand times over!

    CIVIL WAR was this interesting story arc that Marvel didn’t bother to properly plan for, so the comics were all over the map. CA:WS and CA:CW managed to pull the entire premise into a cohesive whole, and even the almost laughable climax to CIVIL WAR (Cap & Iron Man beating on each other via CGI F/x so obvious it looked cartoonish!) couldn’t destroy its power.

    Ah – Ashley Sinclair, black nude2waist pantyhose, heels, opera gloves and collar – er, “Choker” bound & gagged. What’s not to love…?

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