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  1. Sucks when your boss looks like your bondage fantasy girl, doesn’t it, Tony?

    That happened to me once – I temped for over six months for a bank’s “Senior Management” Department, which was basically “Tend to Every Comfort for The Big Bosses”. That meant every permanent employee was 1) A really beautiful woman, 2) Who always wore above-the-knee dresses, stockings and heels because Senior Management liked it that way, and 3) Devoted all their considerable talents to coming up meals and amusements for a bunch of scumbag rich capitalists!

    My immediate superior was this tall, well-built (great legs and breasts) young woman with honey-colored hair that she wore loose, going halfway down her back. She was studying for her MBA, and her job paid for her to go to Columbia University for it – which was why she did a job that she privately admitted to me she found demeaning, being a glorified “comfort woman” for a bunch of spoiled EVPs and Division Presidents. I really liked her – which made it…interesting that I often wondered if she’d enjoy being bound&gagged in nothing but her lingerie while I took pictures of her.

    I have no idea how on Earth I lasted that long there – I suspect the Department Head liked having a guy she could give orders to for a change, and I did good work so she kept me on.

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