4 comments on “Tuesday’s Featured Model : Arielle Lane

  1. ::cheers!:: Glad to hear you got your computer back, Tony!

    Though I have to ask, didn’t Best Buy check it and make sure it booted up, at least? And when it didn’t, double-check to make sure they hadn’t done…just what they did?

    ::shakes head::

    • Oh, by the way…just found a replacement for5 my ancient laptop that I bought in ’06. Poor thing had outlived it’s use…battery lasted no more than an hour, and it was a SLOW dinosaur. Got a Gateway with Windows 10 on board…blazing fast and only set me back $140. SO glad that pawn store gets such great tech… 🙂

  2. At least you didn’t do what my niece did to her top-of-the-line five-years ago Macbook Pro which her life is basically on: She spilled an entire cup of coffee into it while playing a game at the dining room table, thus frying her logic board! So – when the Genius Bar told her how much it would cost to fix (she’d voided the warranty soon as she’d gotten it, by putting in a second hard drive), she went and bought a new one. This one, at least, has a SSD drive in place of two spinning hard drives….

    ::Yes, I asked her if she’d backed it up – and she got all shirty with me, which I guess means “Not recently”….::

    Love to see Arielle doing a Intrepid Woman Reporter in a Sexy Forties Lady’s Business Suit – getting caught, bound and gagged, and stripped to her (historically inaccurate) pantyhose and heels!

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