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  1. Boy, I can’t believe nobody’s left a comment about this model profile. This is VIP after all! I’ve been surfing the web looking for good bondage photography for several years now. Over that time I’ve discovered several models who’ve become my favorites. Rosaleen Young. Blonde Rhiannon who did most of her work at ShadowPlay Imaging. But there’s none I like better than Vivian Ireene Pierce. She is gorgeous and wonderfully expressive in her photoshoots. No one plays the role of DiD better than she does. She gets it. Perhaps the finest bondage model I’ve ever seen.

  2. “Perhaps”? Who else are you looking at? (lol)

    All kidding aside, Viv is indeed one of my hands down favorites, not only because she’s a FANTASTIC model who knows her job as a “damsel” well, but is a sweetheart in real life as well…I positively ADORE this woman!!

    I truly feel honored and privldged to have worked with her and long to do so again.

  3. Thank you, Sandra!! Nice to know I’m doing a good job here…I was beginning to feel lonely…lol.

    I’m loving that more of you are stepping up and making comments…helps to inspire me and get my “blog voice” back and type even more. I need to do another Model Profile…;)

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