5 comments on “Wednesday : Drea Morgan

  1. Greetings from Texas,
    I am a bad man Tony. Read your post and looked at the first picture of Drea. My mind went to her sitting in your apartment waiting for you to get back with some cold drinks. From the sheen on the lovely ladies skin, you forgot to turn on the AC before you left.
    The first few moments after you pull her gag may be lively!

  2. Didn’t someone touch up DSC00903 (the first photo sample) into a Detective Style cover? See https://imageshack.com/i/pn1YYLj6j And I think you used one of these pic’s on a blog somewhere Tony to illustrate your work? Great pic’s shame Drea Morgan seems to have stopped modeling….

    • That rendering was done, and with full approval by me, by the very talented ArtOfBeingDamsel from Twitter. I love it when he chooses my stuff to render…guy makes my stuff look a special kind of awesome! 🙂

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