5 comments on “Wednesday : Isobel Wren

  1. Greetings from Texas,
    I second DR Darke’s thoughts. Isobel has that presents, the secretary that discovers her boss is cooking the books. The girl who realizes her neighbor has a counterfeiting operation in the shed in his back yard. The lady who discovers her husband and his girlfriend has transferred the lion’s share of her inheritance to a bank in the Caymans and are about to fly out that night. No need to kill her, just ‘Put her on Ice’ for a few hours and they are home free.
    She just isn’t sure why she has to be topless for this.

  2. She just isnโ€™t sure why she has to be topless for this.

    Because – Zoicks, Art! The husband’s girlfriend is bi – and wants to make her her bondage pet!

    What do you mean, that never happened on Scooby-Doo…?

    • Greetings from Texas,
      Good point about the girl friend, DR Darke. Personally, I think Scooby-Doo’s best contribution to bondage is the fantasies they inspired. I personally was plagued by impure thoughts.

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