3 comments on “Wednesday’s Girl…CJ Molina

  1. Hey Tony! Going thru your back catalog of samples (sooooo much GOODNESS)! You’ve explained why you dye the rope that’s holding the lovely CJ Molina up (as the white rope “disappears” into the white painted apt walls). Why don’t you dye a set (or use colored rope, or dare I say it – bring back the dreaded “pink rope”) and tie the next model with one set of rope?

    • If I wind up working with Anbabelle Pync (gorgeous gal…look her up), I WILL bring back the pink rope. With her last name, it’s too much a pun for me to miss. 😛

      • LOL! Here’s hoping you get to work with Anabelle Pync, very curvy blonde. Does some hard core XXX stuff too at first Google. Interesting… Not your “style” though. Another lady I wouldn’t mind seeing you rope up (regardless of the rope color)!

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